Videos: From the early years to the present

11th NAM 1989, Dearborn, Michigan
ACS Nat Meeting, Miami, 1989
5th Colloids/Surf Sci Symposium 1985
Early Videos (pre 1960's)
Emmett Lecture Series ~1970 ORNL
Individual speakers from ~1980's
Interviews with Historical Catalysis Figures
ACS Regional Meeting, 1986
ACS Natl Meeting, 1987 Frank Whitmore Symposium
National Chemistry Day, 1987
ACS Nat Meeting, Spring 1987
10th NAM 1987, San Diego
AICHE national meeting 1988, Wash, DC
9th ICC, Calgary, 1988
ACS Nat Meeting, LA, 1988
Tristates Club/Local ACS/CAER 1987-1997
AICHE 1990 national meeting, Orlando
1990 Symposium Past Kendall Laureates
12th NAM 1991, Lexington, Ky
Historical developments of FCC 1992: Exxon
10th ICC, Budapest, 1992
11th ICC, Baltimore, 1996
13th NAM 1993, Pittsburgh, Pa
6th USA, Japan, China Symposium 1993, Beijing
3rd Korea-USA Catalysis Workshop, Seoul, 1993
207th ACS Nat Meeting, San Diego, 1994
208th ACS Nat Meeting, Wash, DC, 1994
Michel Boudart Symposium 70th Bday, 1994
Pacifichem, 1995 - Solid Acidity; Honolulu
7th US-Japan-China Symposium; Tokyo, 1995
14th NAM 1995, Snowbird, Utah
212th ACS Nat Meeting, Orlando, 1996
216th ACS Nat Meeting, Boston, 1998
Tristates Club/Local ACS/CAER 1998-2005
16th NAM 1999, Boston
Catalysis Society of S. Africa, 2000
ACS Nat Meeting, San Francisco, 2000
Boudart Anderson Lectures, Stanford, 1992
Gordon Conference 2016 NH (pics only)
Kamil Klier symposium, 2000, Lehigh Univ
Int Cat Deac Symposium, Lexington, 2001
17th NAM 2001, Toronto
222nd ACS Nat Meeting, Chicago, 2001
18th NAM 2003, Cancun
AICHE Spring Nat'll Meeting 2003 New Orleans
17th ICC 2020 San Diego
228th ACS Natl Meeting (2004) Philadelphia
19th NAM, 2005 Philadelphia
Gas-Fuel Int Conf 2005, Begium
14th ICC 2008 Seoul, Korea
15th NAM 1997, Chicago
19th Canadian Symp Catal 2006 Saskatoon
Tristates Club/Local ACS/CAER 2006-present
AICHE Spring 2007 Nat'l Meeting, Houston
Intl Conf Catal Fundamentals 2007 Novosiibirsk
214th ACS Nat Meeting, Las Vegas, 1997
20th NAM 2007, Houston
236th ACS Nat Meeting, Philadelphia, 2008
7th Int Symp Cat Deactivation, Cancun, 1997
18th Indo-US seminar 2007
21st NAM meeting, 2009, San Francisco
Workshop computational chemistry, 2010
22nd NAM 2011, Detroit
245th ACS 2013, New Orleans
William Hettinger lecture series, 2001
Gregg Symposium, 1991
NAFF Symposium, 1994
6th Colloids/Surf Sci Symposium 1986
Miscellaneous Single Videos
Philadelphia Spring Cat Club 1989
COPS-II: (Characterization porous solids) 1990
COPS-IV (Characterization of porous solids) 1996
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23rd NAM meeting, Louisville, 2013
24th NAM meeting, Pittsburgh, 2015
Rostrup-Nielsen Symposium, Denver, 2015